It is well known, thanks to Alice and Einstein, that time is not exact- it is relative. Relative to our own reality. Let’s examine how our programming world’s reality uses time.

What you will learn:

What you will learn: all began with reactive programming paradigm. Rective programming started in .Net platform and became popular when Netflix ported it over Java, naming it RxJava. …

I migrated a large production codebase from Dagger to Hilt in two days. I didn’t followed the advice in the official documentation for migration to move everything with EntryPoint. This could be a lot of work for a large codebase, so just don’t do it. …

Hey guys, in this article I am going to summarise an excelent talk by Christina Lee about good and bad practices when representing application state. State should be state of the art :)

We all have the same problem — we need our code to be clear, easy for refactoring…

What you will learn?

We all have a point in…

What you will learn:

You can find the end project here:

MotionLayout is subclass of ConstraintLayout. As part of Constraint Layout library…

Always start with why if you want to stick with something. So`Why?.` For me, online safety is important because I know many frightful stories about stollen personalities, empty bank accounts, and taken loans. After all, the world is full of bad people, let’s make their job to screw us harder.

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Ivana Tanova

Android enthusiast and keen tea drinker. I love to learn and to be funny, both for me are passions.

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