My personal tips for online safety or how to protect yourself from the big bad W..orld

Always start with why if you want to stick with something. So`Why?.` For me, online safety is important because I know many frightful stories about stollen personalities, empty bank accounts, and taken loans. After all, the world is full of bad people, let’s make their job to screw us harder.

‘Must have’ tips

More on these below:

Use a password manager

  • It is a program that stores your passwords encrypted, that means safe.
  • You need only one password to log in in your password manager, from there it generates a password whenever you need one and fills your passwords in the web forms. This way you have strong passwords that are different for every account and even you don’t know them. Sounds secure, right?
  • No more hard time signing up, passwords are generated and filled for you.

Here is a great article about which one to use:

Use strong passwords

How to create strong passwords?
1. Came up with a mind-blowing sentence like: “Mike has a lot of hair on his back”.
2. Take the first letters from each word: “Mhalohohb”. Now add some numbers and signs like “!#”.
Great job and password!
3. If you feel lazy just use Mike’s hair problem for a password. It will stick in your mind and it is relatively safe.

Pro tips for creating a password

  1. If you know a foreign language — use words from it written incorrectly in Latin like: “Asta lavista” /”hasta la vista”/. Hackers use dictionaries to hack passwords so DON`T EVER USE A EXISTING WORD IN A PASSWORD.
    Wait, above you said…I know that I’ve just said- “Use Mike’s hair for a password”, but passwords with existing words in a long sentence are a way better than 1234 passwords. Use long senteces or words from your private dictionary.
  2. You can mix letters and numbers and remember that easily if the number starts with a letter that you want to replace like “P1rfabor” — This is a mix from “por favor” written incorrectly and “1” is used instead of “o”.

Never enter a password while you are connected to a public WiFi

Never connect to a public WiFi

Do not use your credit card for online payments.

Always use the cloud for important information or have a backup disk.

Do not open email attachments and links

Advanced Tips

  • Don’t use Windows. If you need to use it, buy the best antivirus program, you will need it.
  • Do not download programs from untrusted places. know this already, the hard way I guess.
  • Turn your computer off if you don’t use it. If it is off, it cannot be hacked, right? The short way will be — close your browser and disconnect from the Internet.
  • Close an opened Facebook page if you don’t use it. If you do so, there is no way Facebook to know that you need those sneakers.
  • Always update your software, especially your phone’s OS
  • Don’t install a program if you don’t need it. Installing a program is like eating something: know what you eat.

Great job! No more missing money, viruses, and stolen lives. Let’s go and drink a beer.

Android enthusiast and keen tea drinker. I love to learn and to be funny, both for me are passions.